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Bella and Rachel
Bella and Rachel


On the following pages you will find photos and details of all our mares and young stock, that we have bred over the past 25 years. As many horses change hands several times in their lives it is a sad fact that breeders often lose track of their stock and have no way of knowing how they have developed.

Even though we have now ceased breeding, if anyone owns or knows of any Nantgwinau Cobs or their offspring, we would very much appreciate news of them.

Please explore the site, or see the list below…


Geler Carys, Nantgwinau Rosina, Rhandir Ffarwel Haf, Pendam Sally
Geler Carys, Nantgwinau Rosina, Rhandir Ffarwel Haf, Pendam Sally


Rhandir Ffarwel Haf

1993 N Rosina by Geler Sambo
1995 N Magic by Nebo Magic
1997 N Madoc by Geler Dago
1999 N Victoria by Geler Dago
2002 N Desert Fox by Derwen Desert Express
2004 N Croeso Haf by Derwen Desert Express
2006 N Cadno Coch by Derwen Desert Express
2008 N Cadog by Geler Sparc

Nantgwinau Rosina

1997 N Dafydd by Derwen Desert Express
1999 N Samantha by Derwen Desert Express
2001 N Samson by Derwen Desert Express
2003 N Rebecca by Derwen Desert Express
2005 N Rachel by Derwen Desert Express

Pendam Sally

First Foal:
1990 Pendam Tywysoges by Hwylog Welsh Flyer

Foals for Nantgwinau:
1991 N Brenin by Geler Sambo
1992 N Tywysog by Geler Carlo
1993 N Comet by Geler Carlo
1994 N Bonheddwr by Geler Carlo
1995 N Arbennigiawn by Derwen Desert Express
1996 N Cardi Prince by Geler Dago
1998 N Susanna by Geler Dago

Geler Carys

1988 Stillborn colt by Nebo Prince
1989 N Sioni Du by Nebo Prince
1990 N Harri by Fronarth Flash Harry
1992 N Desert Spark by Derwen Desert Express
1993 N Flyer by D Desert Express
1994 N Llwynog by D Desert Express


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