Carys with her 4th foal N. Desert Spark
Carys with her 4th foal N. Desert Spark

Geler Carys 1984 – 1999
Trefaes Spark x Geler Rosann, by Derwen Rosina’s Last

As we stood looking at Carys standing so confidently beside her beautiful mother, Geler Rosann, we had absolutely no idea that the seeds of the Nantgwinau Stud were being planted. We had no thought of buying a filly at that time, nor of starting to breed cobs, but we did agree that she was definitely the sort that we would like to own. A year later Carys was for sale – we bought her with hardly any hesitation – and our lives were changed forever!

Always supremely self-confident and sure of her place in the great scheme of things, Carys accepted her “translation” from Llangwyryfon to North Bedfordshire with good grace, quickly becoming a very important family member. Her first 3 colts were born in England, but in 1990 we were able to realise our dream of moving to Wales and ended up only 30 miles from her birthplace.

Carys produced 3 more colts after our arrival at Pantycelyn – all by Derwen Desert Express. Sadly, whilst carrying the last of these, the first symptoms of arthritis and laminitis appeared. These two afflictions caused bouts of severe pain over the next few years and we felt she was never fit enough to put in foal again. In September 1999 the hardest decision was taken and Carys was laid to rest in the sunniest corner of a favourite field. We remember her as a tremendous personality and a true Cob mare who was a joy to know.